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Branding design for GILBANO, a modern travel and fashion brand, specializing the distribution of leather-based products and accessories. Founded in London in 2014, GILBANO aims to be a brand for those who crave enduring style with a contemporary, sporty twist. Simple, tasteful and sophisticated, GILBANO speaks to a youthful, well-travelled, cosmopolitan crowd who appreciate bold, innovative design and impeccable quality. The conceptualisation is based on the Citizen of The World Idea. A little bit of major capitals. Motto: Effortless travel for more adventure. We also design a line of minimal and elegant packaging, a pattern for the satin lining of the products and all spec sheets for production of packaging and other collateral.       Fashion Illustration and Sketches Fashion, Illustration GILBANO | Fashion Branding Branding, Editorial, Fashion, Packaging, Print
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Mozaik Lookbook

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