Amazon Kindle Spain

Campaign design for Amazon Kindle in Spain.   The Strategy. With the goal of positioning Amazon Kindle in Spain, the focus of the communication strategy relays on eliminating the breach between the client and the product, using a strategic alliance with Starbucks Coffee as a place where users can test the Kindle and fall in love with it.   The Concept. The concept of the campaign is based on the claim “Mil puertas, mil mundos, un kindle” (A thousand doors, a thousand worlds, one Kindle). In this way, one of the steps of the strategy consists on launching a contest along with the Starbucks activity, where people are prompted to illustrate their favorite books in the form of “Letrapuertas” (Doorletters). These “Letrapuertas” are the main graphic and the core of all the actions in the campaign.   The Visuals . Each “Letrapuerta” (Doorletter) is a portal into a book. They can be illustrated in any way imaginable, just as readers picture the scenes of a book in their minds. The possibilities are endless. The rest of the graphic is sober and clean. Hence, the protagonic role belongs to the “Letrapuertas”.       Related Projects Virginie Verrier Branding, Fashion, Print […]
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