Sat Yuga

Is the Golden Age. Knowledge, truth, morality, respect, light, awareness and consciousness are prevalent during this era. Many of us are awakening and raising the worlds vibration to bring awareness and consciousness back to humanity. Sat Yuga Conscious Fashion encompasses these attributes. The Greek symbol Phi represents Sat Yuga. It is a ratio that has been used by Mother Nature when designing almost everything from the spiral of snail shells, flower petals and pinecones right down to our feet! Sat Yuga Conscious Fashion is using this same philosophy when designing apparel for you!       you may also like Riva Fashion Website Design Branding, Fashion, UI-UX, Web Fashion Illustration B&W Sketches Fashion, Illustration, Print Sat Yuga Branding, Fashion, UI-UX, Web GILBANO | Fashion Branding Branding, Editorial, Fashion, Packaging, Print
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Style Report

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The Haley Boutique

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