Brownstone Luxe Fashion Branding


Fashion branding and logo design project for Brownstone Luxe by Brownstone Luxe Apparel, a NYC based clothing label.


The Brownstone Luxe Man:

Brownstone Luxe is the men’s clothing offering of Brownstone Luxury Apparel Company driven by a love of fashion of the Founder and Creative Director D. Michael Haynes. Striving to provide clothing to men that embody the modern day gentleman. A good description of the Brownstone Luxe man would be:

“Starting from the concrete jungle of urban America, USA, his environment and influences of the streets play a part in who he is today. Days of his youth are filled with strolling past the famous buildings owned by great men of history: Carnegie, Rockefeller, JP Morgan, and Trump. Thinking “one day I will make my own legacy, write my own story”. He adopts an appreciation for art, which governs his love for the finer things in life like tailored suits, fine cars, cigars, wine, Architecture and travel. His confidence supersedes all but never forgets his humble beginnings. Some call him a modern day chameleon; he can play hard in the boardroom as the entrepreneur and also on the blacktop. He’s a family MAN, a ladies MAN and above all a gentleMAN. So many want to know” who is this guy that can stand out in crowd amongst all others?”…he’s a Brownstone Lux Man.”


The Aim

The visual identity of the brand was designed to catch the eye and holds the attention of a select group of customers. The look is simplistic, professional, easily identifiable but subtle at the same time. The main goal, was that the customer should feel confident when wearing any products made by the brand that may display the logo. He should feel that any item he picks to wear on any given day will be perceived by others as a man who is a gentleman, a professional, has style and can adapt to any situation that comes his way that day.  The tone is clean, professional, driven and polished. With a hint of edginess that comes from humble beginnings and having to fight for everything. The emotion is strength, adaptability, educated and leadership.