Carine´s Bridal Website Design


Website Design for Carine´s Bridal Atelier, a Washington DC based beautiful Bridal Store by owner Carine Krawiec.

The concept we worked for the website was that of the bridal salon itself. Carine´s store is “an oasis, away from high speed life”. Buying a wedding dress is an experience that goes beyond the very purchase, and encompasses attention, detail, comfort and confidence. Integrate the elements of the Bridal Salon into the website, so the visitor can feel as if they are entering a world of day dreaming dressed in designer´s gowns: the world of Carine´s Bridal Atelier.

The aesthetic approach used is entitled “Down the Runway”. Walking down the isle is not much different than walking on a runway for a fashion show. Everybody´s eyes are on the bride and on her dress. Everything must be perfect, and she is the star. We combine this feeling with the actual experience of the runway, using visual resources from fashion designers, such as elegant type and stunning photography, to achieve an immersive experience into the website, and making a connection with Carine´s contact and relationship with designers.