Ryan & Jolie


Ryan & Jolie is a romantic brand for an accessories´ retailer. Is fashionable and urban, but not with a cold city´s feeling. Quite the opposite. It has romance in the air… Chance, opportunity, improvisation and spontaneity. Mood is a mixture of couples, romance and city. London, NYC and Paris are the main scenarios. Dreamy landscapes, small details.

Ryan & Jolie is: Urban Reinassance. Exccentric yet classic. Elegant yet modern. For details, ambience has been created using Romantic Chic ambiences, always based in a contemporary Marie Antoinette overall look&feel. Main color is purple. Deep, intense purple. Color harmony for purple is gold, but just in small details. Purple is luxurious, yet romantic. Main ambience is sober and clean: white with hints of purple & black. We´ve use the lust and luxe in little details. Just like small bites of cake.