The Good Steak


“The Good Steak” refers to the core brand values: the quality of the meats, and its“responsible” origins. A good steak comes from a good cow: one that has grown healthy and free. A good steak also is the work of a good chef: is treated with care and perfectly cooked


The main visual is a “lettering form” logotype. It can be used on a circle, and work as a stamp (quality seal) or by itself, for a more slim look. The typeface has a liquid quality, which unifies the visual shape. In the top, there is an aureole: the classic symbol for “good”. The religious connotation is always controversial; is a conversation starter and a distinctive feature of the brand. The color harmony is serious enough to appeal the masculine target, but not completely dark, to attract women as well. The complementary typeface is classic and sober, adding balance into the overall look and feel.